Alice (2011) Veneteater

“Alice” – live performance in Tallinn (2011)

Alice is a unique mixture of creative ingredients like contemporary choreography, jazz music, art video, animation, VJ set and shadow theatre. All spiced up with a little bit of
improvisation, simple magic and rolled into someth ing what we call a real-time live performance. Alice’s creators are: MTÜ Fat Snail, MTÜ HeliTelg, Max Golomidov, Olga Privis and Aleksandr Žedeljov. Our performance is inspired by Lewis Carol’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, still it is not strictly close to the original text.
Our Alice is contemporary girl, who follows the White Rabbit and finds herself on a journey to the unknown land of dreams, miracles and magic. Live performance will premiere in June 2011 in Russian Theatre of Estonia, Tallinn. Alice is a project that is not connected to a certain indoor stage conditions. Stay tuned for a series of surprise events in the most unexpected spots of Tallinn.

ALICE is the collaborative project of a various artists.
Olga Privis is the main choreographer of Russian Theatre. She is a bright personality with lots of creative energy. On our project she got one of the most responsible parts – to embody a controversial image of the contemporary world’s Alice with artistic methods of modern dance.

Aleksandr Žedeljov is one of the project authors, ideologists and producers. He is the one who composes the music, gathers ideas and organizes the working process. He is responsible for PR and media coverage. His main artistic goal is composing the original soundtrack which will be played live with his band Triophonix.

Aleksandr Žedeljov – guitar, live electronics
Aleksei DJ Bandit – scratch, vinil samples, effects
Polina Tsherkassova – bagpipes, flutes
Aivar Eimra – double bass
Ilja Sharapov – acoustic drums

ALICE’s VJ Sergei Dragunov aka Budilnik is responsible for creating characters, costumes, animation and performance’s visual look.

Art studio Fat Snail is a creative collective of young artists who do their best in all sorts of drawing and experimenting with the space.

Working with video:
Maksim Golomidov — operator, video montage, color correction

Antti Mass — sound montage

Technical personnel:
Sound — Anton Kiseljus

Light — Richard Bukin

Stage — Grigori Jelanski

Dmitri Mjatchin — manufacture of metal

Vladimir Aleksejev — Joinery

Exclusive Department of Emergency:
Svetlana Shushina — coordinator, assistant director, stage-manager

Tatjana Ozdoba — translator

Aleksandr Potuzhnoi — work with symbols and texts

Special thanks:
Birgit Krullo, Olga Grigorjeva, Tallinn 2011, Svetlana Jantshek, Julia Deush, Paul Himma, Viktor Rozhakov, Artjom Gareev, Irina Dudka, Albina Rusman, Andrei Kissin, Larissa Tsherkassova, Inna Sharapova, Tatjana Ozdoba, Anna Shotina, Miroslav Dragunov, Anna Dotsenko, Anastasia Tsubina, Jekaterina Nikolaeva, Aleksandr Rozenblat, Jevgeni Berezovski, Aleksandr Kutshmezov, Vladimir Maloshkin, Olga Zhedeljova, Juri Zhedeljov, Aleksei Zhedeljov, Sergei Trofimov, Aljona Suzhikova, Pavel Sidorenko, Zulfia Izmailova, Teet Lind, Sirle Lind, Stanislav Mashkov, Pavel Vorozhtsov, Ksenija Repson, Natalia Lapina, Marie Mannu Kanarik, Anton Jegorov, Andrei Bontshuk, Dasha Kornienko, Aleksandr Ivashkevich.

We are grateful to our families!
We are very grateful to our friends, who inspired us for this project, to all the people on the steets and to all city places! Thank you, the city and our planet!