Mechanical Piano (2015) KultuuriKatel

MECHANICAL PIANO is a groundbreaking 60 minute multi art performance that takes contemporary classical music to a whole new level.

MECHANICAL PIANO consists of chamber music non-verbal theatre-action and high end multimedia technology by the young international ensemble Audiokinetica led by Aleksandr Žedeljov. It’s inspired by the first novel by Kurt Vonnegut, Player Piano from 1952 and deals with essential issues of fate — about the power balance between technology and humanity, about the way we are overflown by information. The performance places music as a suggested a tool for survival.



— a forceful multi art performance about man and machine, and whether we will stay in control?
Or not?

MECHANICAL PIANO is an art show with architectural structures and machines that creates a unique musical and visual art- and soundscape for the audience. By decision of the international jury, it was the winner of the Estonian challenge for new formats for classical music EK:Labor 2016, organized by Eesti Kontsert.

MECHANICAL PIANO was developed at the famous venue Kultuurikatel in Tallinn but will be a adapted to other venues. The touring package includes collaborating with local actors and even musicians. Wherever they perform, it’s about impact, interactivity and intelligence.

Technical Rider

MECHANICAL PIANO could be set up on any sort of stage (we’ve open-air, classical theatre, modern media studio and industrial building experience), but it should be confirmed 3 months before performance date to complete technical solution. AudioKinetica team shall scout proposed stage in advance to be able to adjust scenery and machinery for proposed grounds. Two weeks before the performance local musicians (and actors) shall receive the score. One week before the performance, we shall start rehearsals with local actors.

Local staff

Sound, light and video technicians, several stage-hands.

Musicians (local or from Estonia)

Piano, String Quartet, Bass Clarinet, Percussions

Actors (local or from Estonia)

Young or middle-aged, three male + three female, variations are possible.

Equipment list

PA: Power ca. 6kW RMS. 2xSUB, 4x satellite for quadraphonic sound. (Martin Audio/

JBL/ Meyer Sound/ QSC)

Mixing console: digital mixing console with 32 input and 16 output channels.

(Yamaha/Midas/Avid/Allen & Heath)

Monitor systems: 6x stage monitor systems. (Martin Audio/ JBL/ Meyer Sound/


Microphones: 8x Schoeps MK4 (or similar) with 4x stereo bridge, 5x DPA 4099 (1x

U clip, 3x V clip, 1x C clip), 1x Headset microphone wireless system

DI-BOX: 6x passive mono di-box

Stands: 6x note stands, 1x piano stand, 1x guitar stand, 4x tail microphone stands

4 projectors of minimum 10000lm

Standard lighting set

music from performance: