Audiokinetica is a union of creatively active and energetic people. We make different kinds of projects in the field of kinetics, music, theatre and visual art. Thanks to our unlimitedcreative potential we generate ideas that seem unreal at first but after a while they come to life thanks to inquisitive minds, skills and talents of our musicians, artists, engineers and producers.

The purpose of our performances is to give the audience the possibility to feel themselves as important and integral part of the technological progress, also to try themselves in a role of a musician, an artist, an engineer.

MECHANICAL PIANO is a groundbreaking 60 minute multi art performance that takes contemporary classical music to a whole new level.

MECHANICAL PIANO consists of chamber music non-verbal theatre-action and high end multimedia technology by the young international ensemble Audiokinetica led by Aleksandr Žedeljov. It’s inspired by the first novel by Kurt Vonnegut, Player Piano from 1952 and deals with essential issues of fate — about the power balance between technology and humanity, about the way we are overflown by information. The performance places music as a suggested a tool for survival.