Nikolai Alhazov

I am a journalist, photographer and operator.
1992: graduated M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, the faculty of journalism.
1996: collection of poems «Grass blood. Free thoughts postures» was published in Estonia.
1999-2004: published cycle fairy tales for children, Estonia.
2008: published several stories in collection «To the city and the world» Lenizdat, Moscow-St.Petersburg, Russia.
2012: finished work over documentary «Andrei Tarkovsky: Time-Dream». In 2014 the movie «Time-Dream» got a first prize in nomination «Visual effects» in the internet-contest in Ryazan, Russia.
2013: finished work on documentary «Return to the Zone», dedicated to the 35-anniversary of Andrey Tarkovsky’s movie «Stalker» release.
2015: personal photo exhibition «Tarkovsky nearby» Russia.
2015: shot short-length story «The Enemy» for the Russian Drama Theatre in Estonia for the play by the novel «Cosmetics of the Enemy» by Amelie Nothomb.
2015: created music videos «Rush Hour» and «Caligraphia», composer Aleksandr Zedeljov.

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